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Appointments by individual agreement


By phone

Voting trip by phone

Regardless of whether you are young or old, with or without previous experience: I will take you on an individual exploration tour to your voice in tailor-made individual lessons.

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Voting trip by phone
Voting trip by phone

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Appointments by individual agreement

By phone

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Voting trips by phone

Connected by listening on the phone, we listen to the subtleties in the sound of the voice and dare to play freely with the voice (without assessing our external appearance).

Listen to some of the voice tours here to get an impression: teaser3.mp3?dl=0

The human voice offers innumerable possibilities to increase our personal well-being. And the best: it is always (!) Available.

Discover the potential of your voice to express our feelings, to come into deep contact with us and our fellow human beings, to find strength and calm.

We listen in and around us, play with sounds and rhythms and invent fantasy languages, stories and music.

It's great fun and awakens the spirits!

Call me to schedule a trial lesson for your ear-to-ear vocal journey.

I am happy to answer your questions during this preliminary talk.

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