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Musical voice tours

by phone

Dialogue - improvisation - singing

Connected by listening on the phone, we playfully discover our voices - freely and joyfully!

You can find audio samples from a few vocal journeys here:

Arrange a free trial lesson if you miss singing together as painfully as I do!

Slumbers in each and every one of us
a very individual treasure trove of precious music.
No matter whether young or old, with or without previous experience:
I take everyone on a lively exploration tour of their voice in tailor-made individual lessons.

Especially for people who don't dare to sing,

this setting offers a safe shelter.

This is what Simone says about her voting journey:

“First and foremost, it was hearing my own singing voice - in dialogue with your voice.

This experience touched me very much and also made me happy.

That someone listens to my singing voice and responds to it, i.e. reacts - that was a new experience for me.

For me it was like a dance of voices - walking towards and away from one another, moving together and finding oneself.

After the singing hour I felt light, relaxed and lively. "

How does such a voting journey actually work?

First of all, it is important that you feel comfortable. That's why we get to know each other a little, maybe talk about your favorite music or what experiences you have had with your voice. Maybe you have questions or requests?

Then we warm up very relaxed - wake up awareness, stretch the body, oil the vocal cords.

Well, and then comes the surprise part!

Melodies and rhythms emerge from the gut,

Music never heard before is heard. That much is certain.

So that it works well, I have a whole suitcase full of stimulating game ideas,

that tickle your creative potential.

At the end I would like to hear how you were doing during the voting tour and whether you have discovered something new.

And what's the point?

Neurobiologist Gerald Hüther sums it up :

"Singing is balm for the soul and concentrated food for the brain!"

In my podcast "Voice in Life" you can hear from numerous experts

Learn more about this question:

Klaus dreams of singing. But he doesn't dare.

Only sometimes, when the water rushes over his body in the shower, does a gentle hum emerge from his stomach. Little by little it increases into a little stream of lively music. Until his girlfriend Sarah knocks on the door because she has to pee.

Suddenly the spring dries up and Klaus is even a little ashamed of his silly rumble.

On his 37th birthday, Klaus receives a card from his friend Harald that says:

From ear to ear: musical voice journeys via telephone

Voucher for five individual lessons with Matthias Lutz

"In the past, this Matthias had a very similar voice to yours," says Harald. “Maybe he can take you by the hand to discover your own voice and your own music?

Beyond right and wrong. "

With a pounding heart, Klaus actually embarks on the journey. He makes himself comfortable on the living room carpet with headphones and a cup of tea. The phone rings and a friendly, soft male voice sounds at the other end: “Let's play!

Kiki, kulazumba, dum dum. Ba de? ”Klaus has to laugh at first, but he lets Matthias infect him with joy. A dialogue of fantasy languages emerges, tones mix in new timbres, melodies and rhythms tell stories about the wind. At the end of the lesson there is an animated silence on the line.

Klaus dreams of singing. And now more and more dares.

When things really go off in the shower and Sarah walks in, he gets stuck for a moment. But then he just shifts down a gear and continues to hum softly.

The other day Sarah surprised her boyfriend with a playful echo from the toilet and conjured up a small smile on Klaus' lips.

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