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M atthias L utz

"Beyond right and wrong,
there is a place where we sing together. "
according to Rumi

Music voice improvisation


A very individual treasure of precious music lies dormant in each and every one of us.

Making music in free play, making contact through voice expression and participating in a creative community process gives me great pleasure.


I love music.

But fear and a relentless commitment to performance kept me from my lifelong dream of becoming a musician for many years.


I love to sing.

But singing outside of my shower used to make me shudder with fear.


I faced these fears with loving support.

And got to know vocal improvisation as a way to grow musically, vocally and personally.

I see it as my calling to show other people this treasure, to accompany them on their way to more vocal freedom and authentic expression.



Feedback from participants

“The voice journey was

varied and refreshing like a river

- calm, tender and chuckling,

rousing, powerful and bubbly.

And Matthias was a great and imaginative personal tour guide. "





My offers in the near future

Über mich

About my person

I am a father of four, the founder and long-standing pedagogical staff member of a democratic school. In my early thirties I discovered the voice as my body's own instrument and improvisation as a path. Getting to know and appreciate my own voice, my music, has initiated an intensive process of liberation, refinement and further development on many levels.

Today I pass on my experience as a student of international masters of the art of improvisation in workshops and individual work.

In addition to the encounters with Rhiannon , Oskar Boldre , Anna Weißenfels , Ulrike Sowodniok , Alan Bern , Eva Burghardt , Fred Frith , Oli Bott , Thomas Lange , Reinhard Gagel and Matthias Schwabe , I would particularly like to highlight Johanna Seiler. She inspired me and led me into the wide world of improv. From the first step to my own course, I felt supported.


I am currently training to be a gestalt music therapist at the Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Gestalt Pedagogy in Berlin .

As a singer I am a member of the acapella improv ensemble mahali (often in cooperation with doable storytelling).

As yet unnamed, an improv quartet enjoys sounding encounters in a quiet little room in the unique line-up of bandoneon, cello, violin and voice.

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